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Getting Married?

If you are planning a wedding or event, and you’d like a jazz band to play on your special day, Major To Minor might be the perfect people for you!

Weddings, Parties and Events

Of course we’d love to be a part of your plans, and bring some extra special live music to the proceedings. Whether you’re planning your wedding, a corporate event, or if you’re splashing out for a big birthday, Major To Minor puts the fun into function.

Wedding Package

Major To Minor isn’t really a party band - we don’t even know the words to Uptown Funk (we do). But if you and your other half appreciate the finer things in life, you might fancy something other than the standard ‘party band and DJ’ vibe for your big day.

Here at Major To Minor headquarters (the sofa) we can plan a full package of live music, not only hitting the major moments of the ceremony and celebrations, but also filling in those awkward gaps, where everyone’s a bit bored and wondering if it’s a free bar later, and if not how many bottles of wine can they claim from the boring non-drinking table during the speeches.

Depending on the structure of your wedding, you might like us to package up a few of the following…

  • As your guests arrive we can provide a laid back jazz trio or quartet, setting a classy tone as your loved ones chat with a glass of fizz, making sure everyone is in the right mood for the main event.

  • During the service your music choices can be played live, and if you have a special song or two, we can create bespoke jazz arrangements to be performed as part of the ceremony.

  • In the awkward gap between ceremony and the sit down dinner, we can perform a jazzy set including some of your specially selected songs.

  • During dinner we can tinkle away on the ivories, bubbling in some background music, and then during the speeches our drummer can even help make the best man’s jokes funnier with the odd bu-doom-tshhhh.

  • For your evening entertainment we can start slow with some laid back jazz standards before filling out to a full and funky sound with up to a ten piece band.

Need a choir? Fancy a famous guest singer? Secret musical theatre fan? Special song request? We can help with that too.

Parties and Corporate Events

If you’re having a classy cocktail party, or a potentially quite dull corporate event that quite literally needs jazzing up, well then Major To Minor can blend beautifully into the background or arrive in full audience participation mode. A band line up from three to ten musicians, fronted by our singer Jamie Alexander Wilson as well as special guest singers if required, all means we have the right answer for your bash and budget.

Sound Good?

We need to. So if your venue doesn’t already come with a pro sound system and engineer, we can sort that too. The cost will depend on the size of the band and venue.

Music To Your Ears?

If it sounds like we are the answer to your questions, get in touch by emailing


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